Sales department

Yuto, a tool for technological work

Yuto will improve your efficacy and simplify your daily work

  • High tech

    You reap the benefits of a high tech product, available on tablet and smartphone, that gives a dynamic and valorising impression to your clients. You surprise them, seduce them and finalise more sales.
  • Strategic

    With Yuto you take more orders. The tool pushes current campaigns and news and tracks the activity of your customers. You win loyalty from them because you’re following their needs precisely and you have a quick reactivity. Your commercial performance is better and this effort is rewarded.
  • All-in-one

    This sales solution is simple and quick to handle. You have all information necessary on a simple user interface. You no longer have to look up information, Yuto will find it for you. The administrative weight and recurrent errors fade away: You orient your effort to improve results for your company. By having a good follow-up and reactivity you gain loyal clients.
  • Automatic

    Free yourself from commercial reporting. Visit reports are easy and quick to do, which saves you a lot of time. All information concerning visits feeds your Commercial Pipeline.