Why choose Yuto ?

An intelligent tool, a customisable service : a tailored offer

Yuto accompanies you in your daily work and in the progress of your commercial projects.

Compatible with softwares for customer relation management

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A team dedicated to the success of your project

Yuto is your new friend and helps optimise your commercial effectiveness. How?

  • With the help of a team of experts in programming, the coders of the Yuto solution.

  • By frequent updates that bring new features to simplify your work.

  • With a customer service of your disposal, easily available and reactive.

As coders we can offer developments that are tailored to personalise your particular tool.

With Yuto you can improve the satisfaction of the customer !

  • A better follow up of the demands of the customer, commercial propositions that are tailored to the needs of the client.

  • Orders that are synchronised in real time with your software for customer relations administration will reduce the delivery time.

  • The app can associate with the extranet of the client to offer more flexibility concerning communication and autonomy for the customer.

  • Several additional solutions to multiply the contact points with clients and prospects: ecommerce websites, market places, price comparisons displays, interactive kiosks, etc.